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Precious, brilliant and seductive, silk has been called the Queen of Fibers for its ability to captivate with refined elegance. From its distant origins, it has come to us through the famous Silk Road. For centuries silk production has been exclusive to China, which jealously guarded its secrets. Despite its delicate appearance and light weight, silk is a very strong and resistant fiber, with a marked sheen making it perfect for fabrics with great visual and tactile impact.
KOHRO uses this refined raw material in precious blends to create fabrics of great charm and extreme softness, but also resistant and suitable for beautiful upholstery. We only select continuous bave silk - the filament produced by silkworms to build their cocoon - of the best quality, with an average length of 800 meters and a diameter, by fiber section, on average from 14 to 16 microns. All KOHRO silk fabrics are washable at 30°C, easy-care and durable.