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The grand design


Rising Desert is the first abstract subject in The Grand Design collection. A creation with an extraordinary decorative effect that evokes a desert environment, where the styles of historical abstraction meet the natural inspiration found in the volumes of rocks and sands worked by the wind. Rising Desert goes beyond the classical idea of wallcovering to get closer and closer to the concept of a work of art. The new design measures twenty meters in total and is available in four colors.

Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - windstorm   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - natural   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - iceland greys   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - fuxia dusk   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - sandgold  

The grand design


Early Summer Coast celebrates 19th Century slow living and the revival of simple things in a life lived outdoors, restoring in the observer calmness and relaxation among bays, inlets and leisure scenes on a summer afternoon. It is available in different colors, with a retro appeal to gouaches in shades of gray and beige, to antique porcelains in shades of pink and bright turquoise, or with a decidedly contemporary indigo.

Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - palette   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - biscuit   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - payne's grey   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - amaranthine   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - indigo   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - turquoise  

The grand design


A tribute to nature. IRISH PONDS is a story inspired by en plein air in a snowy white Nordic setting. An unspoiled landscape with the first signs of early spring, a slow awakening punctuated by the beat of a mute nature, hushed and nearly suspended in a dreamy atmosphere. It features a unique pictorial technique which lends a peculiar glare to white, later rendered in two variations when the design is digitized.

Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Irish Ponds   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Irish Ponds  

The grand design


WEST OF JAVA depicts an enveloping Eden of lush nature. A setting of rare refinement that gives interiors a sumptuous effect. The richness and polychromy of the design is the result of both the European textile tradition of papiers peints and the savvy use of digital printing technology. This design revamps the ancient method of trompe l'oeil with a contemporary technical and stylistic twist. Tempera, stamps, airbrush and stencil are some of the techniques used for the realization of this artwork on a large scale.

Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Emerald   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Raw Umber   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Sky   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Blue Grey   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Green Sand  

The grand design


Travel atmospheres of colonial flavor. Made entirely by hand in a grisaille, DARSHAN PANORAMA evokes a dreamy image of India through the artistic and textile tradition of European papiers peints. This fabric's flexibility, stability and silky feel suggest splendor through a 30m-wide panoptic view of the landscape. The sand tones are reminiscent of ancient parchment paper and give the design allure and timeless elegance. The collection also offers variants in gunmetal grey and green earth.

Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Bronze   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Blue Oxyd   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Green Sand  

The grand design


An abstract and decorative object with a unique and strong character echoing a utopian city built in the Arizona desert. It comes from a design with a wide repetition. Made with mixed painting techniques, ARCOSANTI is printed on a precious linen and cotton blend fabric that gives texture to its contemporary look. It is available in four color variants: Grey Gold, Volcano Sand, Misty Ocean, Blue Ash.

Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Misty Ocean   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Grey Gold   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Blue Ash   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Volcano Sand  

The grand design


Scenes of oriental life suspended in an infinite space-time of contemplation. Poem snippets that evoke harmony and serenity in contact with nature. The inspiration comes from oriental wisdom and from Japanese decoration, lingering on details of lacquered artifacts of the 12th Century. The original design is made with gold leaf, to glorify the rich and precious shapes. The print base is a woven jacquard fabric with delicate shadow and light effects, and three-dimensionality. It is offered in the classic and bold colors of gold and lacquer and in more contemporary pearly pastel tones.

Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Pearl   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Dark Tea   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Ink   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Peacock   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Gold   Luxury Fabric Wallcoverings - Red Laquer  

The grand design


Just like during the equinox, when light and darkness are an equal part of a day, EQUINOX proposes a symmetrical partition between light and dark, full and void. This decorative motif with intricate elements dates back to ancient forms. Iron railings inside Siglo de Oro Spanish cathedrals, hypnotic motifs on Islamic perforated walls, elegant screens of the Far East, intricate ramages of medieval miniatures, or simply branches and brambles in fairytale forests ... An enveloping network and a glossy and opaque texture, with a technical look, for an elegant and evocative background to refined and contemporary interiors.


The grand design


A mysterious urban jungle where primeval elements meet a metropolitan skyline. Gleaming Wildscape sums up the charm of mural decorations found in ocean liner halls, theater lobbies, and exclusive residences from the Twenties, Thirties and Forties. Golden glows and contemporary forms outline a modern Eden, where man and nature coexist - sculptural figures and tattooed animals, architecture and vegetation - each sign contributing to a precious composition with a strong decorative and enveloping effect. Made with various painting techniques, Gleaming Wildscape is available in 6 color variations.

K00001 GOLD   K00002 METHANE   K00003 SILVER   K00004 BONE   K00005 MARBLE