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Stefano Zucchi, a former professional alpine ski athlete, is KOHRO’s youngest Key Account. Graduated in Economics, he obtained the Textile Master and is now writing the Executive MBA thesis. A path made of winnings that leads him to travel, meet and work hard, just like he has done for years with sport. In the interview he talks about the innovations of the KOHRO brand and his ability of interpreting the market.

“I was a professional alpine skier until 22, when I stopped due to a series of injuries and to continue my university studies – very important to me. Skiing has been a great fortune and at the same time an enormous baggage of life: it has formed me in character and mentally; today I have in fact dedication to sacrifice and resilience and I have great respect for work, mine and that of others.”

What is the link between young generations and interior design?

We are experiencing a return to detail and sophistication. Young people today are willing to spend on quality-guaranteed products, a true reflection of the fashion industry where owning a high-end brand, in addition to being a show-off/lifestyle, is also experiencing quality first-hand, the sustainability and durability of the products too. It is no coincidence that architects and interior designers are increasingly and specialised in textile proposals, and that young people, who ask professionals to complete their life projects, are more and more.

How to renew the offer?

It all starts with research, then you need to invest in marketing. The first rule of marketing is in fact asking questions, understanding needs and conveying the best custom solutions. The key is to create a broad and valuable offer directly with the customer.

Thus, during the pandemic – unable to travel – we at KOHRO challenged the potential of the digital world by bringing a real revolution to the textile sector. An App for architects, interior designers and furniture showrooms that allows the dressing of the home textile part with KOHRO fabrics in various settings (bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, yacht, private jet, studio), all in real time and with fabric virtualization. An application, the KOHRO World App, connected to our e-shop (B2B) to proceed directly with orders, even for samples. Intuitive, guided and capable of taking the idea to the product, of making it concrete, saving time, resources and materials.

How do you communicate the home textiles values to the new generations?

With a storytelling about passion, beauty of the Made in Italy and quality of our resources, but which also shows the desire and the sprint to innovate and renew itself. The message is that we must not be static, but be ready for change, indeed be. For this reason, with KOHRO we have decided to combine traditional communication with a sensory, tactile and typical textile experience with the virtual world. Making digitization processes, news and research known creates curiosity.

The focus then remains strong on attention to sustainability, protection, slow fashion to be promoted and to People and the territory, the driving force of our company, and thus contribute not only to personal and corporate success, but also to human success.